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News Car Manufacture lets you create a car from the beginning to end


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Game: Car Manufacture

Platform: PC

Publisher: PlayWay

Release Date: First Half 2019

Car Manufacture is a game that lets you become the head of your own car factory in the early days of motor vehicle production as you shape the future of the automotive industry.

Naturally, you’ll be involved in the manufacturing process of a car from its inception to the point where it leaves the production line (and yes you can take your newly finished cars for a quick spin) which involves you overseeing a number of different areas.

You can get a taste of Car Manufacture in the trailer below.

Designing and managing your production line is the key to success in Car Manufacture. Starting with individual stations, you’ll soon turn them into a “group of smaller, more-effective positions” as you progress ever closer to that perfect production line.

You’ll also need to research new technologies, and manage your factory staff by hiring, firing, and assigning tasks to match their skills as well as employing supervisors who “ensure a top speed production”.

Car Manufacture is expected to release on Steam “soon”. If you can’t wait to play Car Manufacture why not sign up for future beta tests by entering your details here.

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2 years ago

Getting some strong Rüsselsheim vibes (that early 90s Opel tycoon game)

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