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News Car combat, upgrades and customisation detailed in Mad Max ‘Gameplay Overview’ trailer


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The latest trailer for the upcoming Mad Max game has shed more light on the title's automotive centrepiece: the 'Magnum Opus'.

As stated in the recently-released 'Gameplay Overview' trailer, players will be tasked throughout the game to constantly upgrade and improve their Magnum Opus, with each part attached affecting the car's overall handling, speed and offensive capabilities

Players will also be given the chance to customise the look of their Magnum Opus. For instance, right from the very beginning, players will be able to choose from a variety of body shell types. However, it's unknown if these body styles will have an impact on the car's performance statistics.

Suitably for a game set in a barren wasteland, scavenging plays a crucial role in upgrading the Magnum Opus: players will first need to scour for scrap metal in order to "make powerful improvements" to their car. However, it's unknown if fuel will also be a scarce resource in Mad Max, and the 'repair speed' stat suggests that players won't have to search for materials in order to patch up any damage.

Details on vehicle combat were also hardly mentioned in the trailer, though brief glimpses suggests ranged ballistic fire and high-speed ramming assaults will be the core part of this element of Mad Max. The possible reference to attacking convoy-esque groups of enemy vehicles suggests resources can also be acquired this way, and – curiously – players will seemingly also be able to choose from a first or third-person perspective whilst driving the Magnum Opus.

Mad Max is an upcoming open-world action game being developed by Just Cause creator Avalanche Studios, and being published by Warner Bros. Games. Players will be able to experience Avalanche's rendition of the Wasteland from September 1st 2015 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Image source: Avalanche Studios/Warner Bros. Games

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