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News Bus Simulator 16 parks itself on Steam


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After some waiting, Bus Simulator 16 finally arrives on Steam (don't worry there's not two coming at once).

Bus Simulator 16 was actually originally supposed to release back in January but was delayed at the last minute due to some unexpected minor technical complications according to publisher Astragon.

Bus Simulator 16 will see you step into the footwear of an ambitious bus operator as you drive a range of urban buses following route plans and schedules. Following traffic rules and staying punctual is the name of the game here and you'll also be expected to repair stuck doors, extend ramps for wheelchair users and sell tickets properly all in the pursuit to keep your passengers happy,

Bus Simulator 16 features several real-world licensed buses from MAN which range from small two-door types right up to large articulated, or bendy, buses. You are given a large German city to drive around in and you must be wary of accidents and detours due to construction for example. Bus Simulator 16 also features multiplayer gameplay where you can share a company with a friend by dividing duties. 

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