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News Burnout & Need for Speed Dev teases reveal of two “super-secret” projects


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Criterion Games, who have developed the much-loved Burnout series and the Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit and the Rivals entries to the long-running Need for Speed series, have revealed they have been working on not one, but two, “super-secret things” that they will reveal soon.

Criterion Games producer Pete Lake was asked: You transferred back to Criterion in 2013 so what have you been doing since? He answered:

Well, I’ve been working on a couple of super-secret things that I can’t talk about yet. But we’ll have something amazing to reveal soon…!


Towards the end of the video Criterion gave us an early look at some prototype gameplay footage which looks very promising indeed. The first person viewpoint should really add to the immersion, couple this with VR and they could be onto a winner there.

As Criterion mention that they are working on a couple of “things”, the second thing could well be a new entry in the Burnout series. The last Burnout game was 2008's excellent Burnout Paradise, that's if you don't count 2013's Burnout Crash, a spin-off to the main series which didn't quite scratch the itch that Burnout fans like myself have.

There is of course every chance we'll get an announcement at Gamescom next month so hopefully there's not long to wait. Let us know in the comments what you think the announcement will be about, what are you hoping for?

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