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News Burnout dev scraps their action racer “Beyond Cars”


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It was only a few days ago that we wrote about Criterion's action sports title Beyond Cars (working title) still being in development after a long and somewhat worrying silence.

Sadly today it has been confirmed that Criterion have now scraped the first-person title that was first revealed at E3 2014. Criterion will now instead concentrate their resources on the Star Wars series including the recently announced Star Wars Battlefront VR title.

The premise behind Beyond Cars was to put the player in the shoes of an extreme sports person as they pilot a helicopter, race an ATV, fly through the air in a wing suit or make a splash in a speedboat all from the first-person perspective.

Criterion Games first revealed the game back in E3 2014 through a teaser video which can be seen below. The teaser gives us a glimpse here and there of some very early footage of Beyond Cars which looked promising and tailor made for a VR experience.

Let us know if you were looking forward to seeing more of Beyond Cars in the comments.

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