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News Burnout Crash mode inspired Danger Zone coming to PS4 & PC on May 30


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Indie developer Three Fields Interactive has today announced that their Burnout crash mode inspired title, known as Danger Zone, will release on the PlayStation 4 and PC on May 30.

To mark the release date announcement, the development team has released a trailer giving us a first look at some gameplay which you can view below.

Three Fields Entertainment comprises of former Criterion Games co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry. Danger Zone is not a Burnout successor as such, and is probably best viewed as a crash mode only game that is heavily inspired by Burnout, which is reflected in the low price point of just £9.99.

Danger Zone is a single player title which feature 20 different crash testing scenarios which take place in the Crash Testing Facility. Danger Zone is all about causing as much chaos as you can which comes with a monetary reward: the more crash, the more cash.

Players can utilise the “Smashbreaker” to cause a large explosion which creates even more crash-tastic carnage.

Who knows, with decent sales Three Fields could in theory gain enough resources for a future fully equipped Burnout-esque title. We're keeping our fingers crossed at least. Danger Zone looks like a lot of fun and could scratch that destruction itch for now.

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