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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

You might not know it, but DriveClub represents something of a departure for Evolution. Back when the PS3 was in its infancy, the studio was better known their launch title MotorStorm, a madcap off-road racer that pitted just about every class of vehicle you an imagine against each other, from rally cars and bikes, to big rigs and monster trucks. It was chaotic, riotous fun, and a good showcase of the PS3's potential at the time. Most importantly, it didn't take itself too seriously.  

DriveClub, on the other hand, is a complete u-turn in that regard, as Evolution put their serious face back on, returning to licensed cars and realistic environments. Whereas MotorStorm actively encouraged you to shunt rival racers off the track, doing that in DriveClub will get you instantly penalised. It's practically po-faced, by comparison.

However, while DriveClub is home to licensed makes such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, and soon Lamborghini, new evidence suggests that buggies might be making an appearance in a future update. Yes, buggies.

The news comes courtesy of the Japanese PS Blog. In highlighting the new replays update, the blog slipped out some screenshots we probably weren't meant to see showing some vehicles we certainly don't regocnise. If my eyes don't deceive me, the buggies shown appear to be the same models lifted from MotorStorm, which probably isn't a coincidence. Supporting this is the fact the player avatar is a MotorStorm logo, if you look closely. 

If buggies do turn out to be part of a future DriveClub pack, you really can't fault the season pass for variety, and it makes us wonder what else is in-store outside of licensed road vehicles.

Seems that Evolution have a Motorstorm itch they needed to scratch. It makes we wish they would just give in to their desires and develop a next-gen version of MotorStorm. Who else would like to see this happen? Just imagine a MotorStorm game with those glorious dynamic weather effects…I can imagine the spectacular sandstorms now.

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