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News BugBear’s “Stuntfest” now playable to pre-order customers


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BugBear Entertainment have made available an early access version of their stuntastic title “Stuntfest” to all customers who have pre-ordered the game.

Stuntfest Next Car Game technology demo wreckfest santa lawnmowerThe playable early access version of Stuntfest (which looks very much like the Wreckfest technology demo) comes with three different characters, each with their own vehicle along with several events and BugBear have even included a level editor complete with a plethora of objects so you can create your own wacky events.

Even though this is an early version of the title, most of the core features of the game are included according to BugBear including the in-game editor with save and load functionality as well as Steam Workshop support for easy downloading and sharing of user creations.

Currently you can pick up a limited-time offer on Stuntfest, $9.99 gives you an access to the first playable build. You’ll also receive the finished game when it’s complete along with any updates along the way.

Please note that for the time being the game is only available for purchase on Bugbear's own pre-order site.

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