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British independent developer Brain in a Jar, the team behind last year's NASCAR The Game: Inside Line, have been working on another PC single seater racing game known as OpenWheel, and have started a Kickstarter campaign to gain additonal funding for the project. 

As the name implies, OpenWheel will contain a range of open wheel class racing cars and is primarily designed to be played online for up to 32 players where you'll be able to form teams and take advantage of other community features.

Four car models will be available at launch, which are detailed as follows: 

  • 250cc Racing-kart
  • 750cc Formula style car
  • 1960s Grand Prix style car
  • Modern Grand Prix style car

Furthermore, cars will be customisable, allowing you to add body parts and accessories. Twelve tracks will be included in the initial build, comprising of circuits divided into three main categories: Circuit, Speedway and Oval.  

Brain Jar are renowned for their focus on simulation racing titles and OpenWheel will be no different, featuring a simulation model that won't hold back. Expect features such as a full damage model, tire wear and fuel usage, as well as the ability to customise car setups and tinker with settings dampers, differential, engine mapping and more.

It's not the first time Brain in a Jar have seeked community funding, either – last year the developer attempted to bring Indianapolis 500 Evolution to Steam's Greenlight scheme, but has so far been unsuccessful. 

OpenWheel is certainly sounding like a comprehensive and competent sim from a developer that's well-acquainted with the genre. You can find out more about OpenWheel and show your support on its Kickstarter page

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