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News Bigben acquires entire share capital of Kylotonn


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Bigben Interactive has announced that it now owns the entire share capital of the Kylotonn SAS studio, known as KT Racing, after acquiring (entirely in cash) on October 2, 2018. The remaining 55% is held by its founder Mr. Roman Vincent who will continue to manage Kylotonn.

Created in 2002 in Paris, the Kylotonn studio has developed more than 25 games, specialising recently in racing games including the likes of WRC, TT Isle of Man, and V-Rally 4, all published by Bigben. The studio, which now has as many as 80 developers in Paris and 20 in Lyon, uses the “KT engine” multi-platform proprietary game engine for the development of its games across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch formats.

Bigben’s three recent acquisitions of development studios (Cyanide, Eko and Kylotonn) meet their target for strengthening its relations with experienced partners which have the capability to regularly supply quality games for Bigben’s portfolio.

The development studios should benefit from these transactions which guarantee them more means for raising the quality of their products while generating better cost efficiency.

Bigben’s “Publishing” unit has now reached critical mass with 6 development teams (5 in France and 1 in Canada) which tally to 250 developers supported by a publishing team of 35 people.

By increasing our shareholding in Kylotonn (KT Racing), we validate the merits of this strategic acquisition initiated in 2017 and warmly welcome the talents of experienced developers which we have already fully appreciated over many past projects. The rise of Bigben in the segment of racing games remains a major strategic axis for our future growth” says Alain Falc, President and CEO of Bigben.

“We are proud to become fully part of the Bigben group for which we have developed games for more than 10 years. The longstanding cooperation with Bigben, a token for stable and smooth relations between the teams, our specialization on 2 wheel and 4 wheel off-road racing games as well as the use of prestigious brands (WRC, Isle of Man TT, V-Rally, Test Drive Unlimited) represent competitive advantages for the Group that our integration will strengthen” says Roman Vincent, founding President of Kylotonn.

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