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News Beyond beautiful: Project CARS E3 trailer starts its engine on PS4


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

Despite currently being the only racing game to support Project Morpheus, Project CARS sadly didn't get a showing at Sony's E3 conference. In fact, the highly-touted VR headset was decidedly undersold if you ask me, considering its pledge to "shape the future of gaming".

Nevertheless, Slightly Mad Studios has delivered the goods in the form of a brand new trailer for Project CARS. And while that doesn't sound particularly riveting given how much we've been spoiled by its preposterously-pretty visuals that has caused petrolheads everywhere to foam at the mouth, this time it's not captured from an all-singing, all-dancing PC that costs the earth. No, the footage you see here is lifted from the PS4 version, which will set you back considerably less.

This, then, is our first official look at Project CARS on a console. We challenge you to spot the difference. 


It's a typically theatrical display from Slightly Mad Studios with rapid cuts and dramatic music to heighten the excitement, showing off Project CARS diverse car roster from road racers to open wheel racecars whilst introducing us to the philosophy behind the career mode, which gives you the flexibility to dominate in a particular class or become a multi-class winning champion, as the slightly mechanical narrator informs us.

And of course, an honorable mention once again goes to dem graphics: Project CARS is well on its way to being the best looking racing game ever made. 

Project CARS is also available to play on PS4 at the E3 booth. Rest assured we are endeavoring to retrieve some video coverage directly from the show-floor for you to swoon at. 

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