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News Beta 10 of motorbike sim GP Bikes released


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The very latest version of GP Bikes has been made available by developer Piboso.

GP Bikes Yamaha superbikeGP Bikes is a motorbike racing simulation title for the PC which has a physics system built from scratch.

The title features both LAN and online racing. It boasts dynamic track surfaces which will see the build up of both grooves and tyre “marbles”. Tyres can pick up these marbles as well as grass and dirt which of course affect grip levels.

If you are interested to play GP Bikes, you can check out the free demo here. You can see the full changelog for beta 10 of GP Bikes below.


fix: improved rear suspensions geometry debug 

fix: dynamic track surface optimizations 

fix: web servers browser clients list 

fix: bike reset with the bike still moving after a crash 

fix: white and chequered flags 

fix: setup change bug 

fix: blending + bump rendering path 

new: "Linkage Rod Swingarm" rear suspension geometry simulation 

new: remote bikes visible in the pits when not on track 

new: TrackIR support 

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