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News Bears Can’t Drift!? is sliding onto PS4 next week


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Strangely Named's retro-inspired kart racer Bears Can't Drift!? has been doing the rounds on Steam Early Access for some time now, but PS4 players will finally be able to get their claws into it next week as Bears Can't Drift?! will be sliding onto the PSN store on August 9th. Perhaps not the best timing since PS4 owners will most likely be preoccupied with No Man's Sky which launches a day later. 

Bears Can't Drift!? is a kart racer developed by university lecturer Arran Langmead inspired by some of the classic kart racers such as Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing. The game features 12 tracks set across three hub worlds, three game modes including Single Race, Time Trial and Picnic Mode and, in true old school kart racing game tradition, split screen multiplayer for up to four players.

Notably, Bears Can't Drift!? is completely devoid of conventional game menus and text – instead you navigate and access options by exploring the interactive hub world; a unique mechanic inspired by classic PS1 and N64 games.

The development of Bears Can't Drift!? was also very unconventional: the game was developed using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system instead of conventional coding.

Bears Can't Drift!? is currently available on Steam Early Access for £9.99, so we imagine the PS4 version will be sold at a similar price point. 

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