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News Battlezone will look better on PS4 Pro


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Game: Battlezone

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Rebellion

Release Date: 13/10/2016

One of the PlayStation VR’s best launch titles is about to get better. A new patch has been released for Battlezone adding support for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console with graphical improvements offering a “offering a crisper, more vibrant experience”, including improved dynamic lighting in the cockpit view and reflections.

Furthermore, the patch also adds new changes that improve the balancing of the game along with a few bug fixes. You can find the full changelog below.

BATTLEZONE 1.02 Patch Notes

Added PS4 Pro support

– Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit

Balancing changes

– Difficulty randomisation more even throughout campaign

Bug, performance fixes and other changes

– Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence

– Minor enemy behaviour tweaks

A remake of the Atari original, Battlezone features intense first person tank combat action with stylised retro graphics, a proceedural campaign and four player co-op. The PS4 Pro will be released November 10th.

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