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Kevin Dooley


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Game: Battlezone

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Rebellion

Release Date: 13/10/2016

You could say the racing genre is tailor-made for virtual reality and we’d certainly not argue with you there. Being in the cockpit of a car helps to lessen any ill effects thanks to the reference point provided.

This is of course true of other cockpit-based titles such as Battlezone which remains one of the strongest available titles for the recently released PlayStation VR technology.

We go through the various modes and objective-based missions in the title along with taking a glimpse at the different player tanks, enemy types and tactics you’ll need to use to be most effective.

Playing Battlezone gives us the perfect opportunity to test the Turtle Beach 350VR headphones which we found had an impressive low-end and overall helped to enhance our VR experience.

You can check out our overview for Battlezone below and look out for our review coming shortly.

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