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News Battlefield 1 announced as franchise steps back in time to WW1


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EA and DICE have confirmed the release of the next title in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1, which will take the series back in time to a World War I setting.

The conflict in question marks an interesting historical cross road as it saw a clash between the rise of modern battle techniques and weaponry combated alongside the cavalry brigades and sword fighting of years gone by. In the video accompanying the press release you can see that Battlefield 1 is not shying away from either side. Motorcycles and horses are seen alongisde tanks and shotguns. Even chemical warfare such as gas attacks are present within the Battlefield 1 teaser of what to come.

Despite its more traditional setting, DICE has confirmed the 64 person multiplayer the series is known for will be included. Due to the trench warfare of the time period it looks like melee weaponry will play a big role in such close and compact fighting quarters. This is something the trailer alludes to very early on with the emergence of a raiding club taking out an enemy.

As the company have traditionally done with recent Battlefield releases, those interested in getting involved with the public beta can register over on battlefields site here 

Battlefield 1 will be available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation®4. It is released worldwide on October 21st, 2016.

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