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News Batmobile invades London supercar showroom to promote Arkham Knight


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Next month marks the release of London developer Rocksteady's much anticipated Batman Arkham Knight, which for the first time will not only star the Dark Knight himself, but a driveable Batmobile designed specifically for the game.

To generate publicity for Arkham Knight's impending deployment, a full size Batmobile has landed in a London supercar showroom. As you can see, it really blends in. 

It's currently available to view at the London Joe Macari supercar showroom. If you were hoping to buy it then you're out of luck – as the sign says, it's already been "sold to Bruce Wayne."

The Batmobile will play a central role in Arkham Knight, allowing you to rampage through the streets of Gotham in an open world that's five times the size of Arkham City. As you would expect, it comes equipped with a host of crime fighting extras: it's bulletproof, naturally, and comes with a vehicle immobiliser which fires non lethal missiles at enemy vehicles, while its sheer size makes light work of ploughing through objects.

You'll also be able to eject at will, glide through the sky and grapple across the city, as with previous games in the series. There will even be dedicated race tracks to let you put the Batmobile through its paces – should be interesting, considering the Batmobile probably wasn't designed to set blistering lap times.

Batman Arkham Knight is on track for release on June 23rd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Are you looking forward to tearing round the streets of Gotham in one of the most iconic film cars of all time?

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