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Batman's crime-fighting Batmobile stands as one of the most iconic  cars in cinema history, from its debut in the campy '50s Batman TV series right up to its re-imagining as the military-inspired Tumbler in Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Dark Knight series. And yet despite this, it's been criminally underrepresented in video games – until now.

By now, you'll have probably seen the announcement Arkham Knight, Rocksteady's latest video game venture for The Dark Knight and the final chapter in the critically acclaimed Arkham series. But since we at VVV specialise in all things automotive gaming, we thought it was worth bringing this to your attention: because, for the very first time, you'll be able to fulfill your fantasy of driving the Batmobile in-game, as showcased in the pulse-pounding announcement trailer we've got embedded for you below. 


Apparently, the team have always wanted to include the Batmobile as a playable vehicle (its brief cameo in Arkham CIty doesn't count), but technical limitations have always prevented them from doing so. Thanks to the grunt of the next-gen consoles, the Batmobile will now be a primary focus in Arkham Knight.

It can be summoned at any time in the game, allowing you to rampage through the streets of Gotham without restraint, which is said to be five times the size of Arkham City.

It's bulletproof, naturally, and comes with all manner of special abilities: its sheer mass makes light work of ploughing through objects, while a vehicle immobiliser can fire non-leathal missiles at fleeing vehicles. Batman will also be able to eject from the Batmobile to glide and grapple around Gotham, as with previous games in the series.

Even wrong-doers populating the crime-ridden streets of Gotham will fear the wrath of the Batmobile, as some will apparently scatter if they encounter it roaming the streets. Foolhardy attempts to steal it will be thwarted, too, thanks to its on-board defensive taser.

As for when you'll be able to drive it, Arkham Knight is due for release October 14th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This latest incarnation of the Batmobile is certainly very striking, looking like a cross between the beefed-up military-esque Tumbler from The Dark Knight and the longer, lower Batmobile seen in the first live action film. 

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