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News Assetto Corsa’s screen tearing issues “have been solved,” new update details revealed


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

Assetto Corsa may just be one of the finest racing simulators ever made, but its console release has been far from smooth. A port of the PC version released in 2013, Assetto Corsa arrived on consoles last month with a slew of performance issues including frequent frame rate drops and some jarring screen tearing.

Developer Kunos Simulazioni recently acknowledged these issues, assuring the community that the team is working on a fix to address these problems. Judging from some recent comments by the developers on Twitter, we shouldn't have too long to wait for a patch

A recent post by Stefano Casillo claims that the team have made "good progress" on Assetto Corsa's screen tearing and performance issues. 

Meanwhile, a more detailed post by Marco Massarutto on FaceBook indicates that Assetto Corsa's screen tearing issues have already been solved: "Tearing issues have been solved, and the graphics is much more smooth in any situation. The smoothness also gives a better perception of visuals, and allows to feel a better car handling. Definetely a great step ahead, that will allow you to enjoy AC much more", he said.

Massarutto goes on to explain what we can expect from the next build, including two additional difficulty levels and AI balancing "The new build will feature 2 additional difficult levels, very easy and alien, and btw, all the AI levels have been balanced, that means that also the existing AI levels have been improved."

"This is the JUST the FIRST pass of improvements for the controller section, but not the LAST. We are already working to include new configurations and options for all the controllers and, BTW, thank you for your kind suggestions."

An option to lock the steering rotation will also be added: "As you might know, Assetto Corsa performs a full rotation of the steering wheel, depending by the car you choose, that actually helps to understand if you are steering too much, since the visual rotation matches the physical one. Said that, we recognize that gamepad users are not used to this kind of approach, and actually it can be weird by an aesthetical point of view. We added the option to lock the visual steering wheel, that will be setted by default at 360 degrees, and it works from 240 to 1080 degrees, so it can please any kind of user. Most important, we allow you to make your favorite choice."

"As said before, this is just a quick update of SOME OF the things you will find in the next build. As you might know (but much probably not), the workflow needed to update a game on console is hugely different than on Steam with the PC version: is much more complex, slow and less dynamic. Also, it's something that – as developers – we are experimenting on console for the first time, since Assetto Corsa is our first porting, and believe me, Assetto Corsa is a very complex software.

"This is not meant to be a justification, but just a simple fact. Therefore I thank you in advance for your patience and passion, but you can be sure that Assetto Corsa 1.0 on PS4/XB1 is just the start. And, btw, the Japanese Pack DLC, the Black Cat County and Maserati Levante will be available very soon! Hopefully the new build will be available during this month: fingers crossed!"

The news that Kunos Simulazioni have already resolved Assetto Corsa's screen tearing issues should be reassuring for fans, while the other details indicate that the developer has been taking feedback on board. We'll keep you posted on any other updates. 

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