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Today was meant to mark the release date of Asphalt 8: Airbourne, arguably the most hotly-anticipated mobile racing game since Real Racing 3 thanks to its intoxicating blend of dazzling visuals, a plethora of real world-licensed cars and fun arcade accessibility with an increased emphasis on performing mid-race stunts.

Unfortunately, those of you who were impatiently refreshing the iOS and Google Play Store today will be disappointed to learn that developer Gameloft haven't quite finished their pre-flight checks before Asphalt 8 goes airbourne. 

No word on a final release date yet, but Asphalt 8: Airbourne hopefully won't be grounded for too long as it's still said to be "coming soon".

And if you did happen to go searching for Asphalt 8 on the Google Play Store, you may have stumbled across an app under the same name from a developer listed as "Game Luft." As the suspisious developer name suggests, this is not the actual game which was confirmed by the flurry of community comments that flagged the app as spam and potentially malicious software. In short: don't download if you have a modicum of common sense.  

As a small conselation, Gameloft have released a new batch of tasty screenshots that you can feast your eyes on below: 

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