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News Arcade racing game Xenon Racer coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC on March 26


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Game: Xenon Racer

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: SOEDESCO

Release Date: 26/03/2019

The futuristic arcade racer Xenon Racer, developed by Italian studio 3DClouds, is scheduled to launch on March 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The release date announcement came via a brand new trailer released today which you can view below.

In Xenon Racer you’ll participate in a one-off championship featuring cutting-edge electric cars boosted by Xenon gas – of course.

The trailer (above) revealed the new locations of China, Canada, and France. We previously learned Tokyo, Dubai, and Boston would also be featured (Japan, UAE, and the USA as seen in the trailer). Locations look varied and interesting and capture the old-school arcade racing vibe well.

The trailer also gave us a glimpse at the car customisation, and various modes in action including the split screen mode.

Several racing modes have been confirmed, you can race against the AI in Fast Race and Elimination Mode, and unlock new cars, parts and maps in the singleplayer Championship. To practice your racing skills you can take on every track in Time Attack, Checkpoint Attack and Free Mode. A local split-screen mode and an online multiplayer component will also feature.

Xenon Racer can currently be seen on the Xbox Store for £35.99, so it’s probably safe to assume a similar price point will apply across all platforms.

That’s about all we know of Xenon Racer right now, be sure to check back for more info on this upcoming arcade racer soon. Needless to say, we’re keen to see more on this intriguing racing title, for now, why not check out the latest images in the gallery below.

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