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News Arcade physics-based racer Foreveracers releases on Steam


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Indie developer SuperSmashingGreat Games has today released their arcade online multiplayer-focused title Foreveracers on Steam.

In the very colourful and cartoonesque Foreveracers you can challenge other players to races and special challenges (which include Scavenge Hunt, and Rust-Bucket Survival), or if you prefer, you can take a drive by yourself and explore the environment for any hidden circuits.

Each of the vehicles has unique characteristics, the physics model (which is explained as being bouncy and wobbly) will certainly make for some fun and challenging moments as you tackle the uneven environment and hit those checkpoints by any means necessary.

Foreveracers features a total of 12 circuits (four of which you'll need to find), six vehicles (ranging from the slow starter car up to the rather rapid sports car), online leaderboards, live world rank (which displays your current world rank for any given track), best lap ghosts, and the physics-based arcade racer features a day/night cycle.

The developer concedes that getting enough players to play online at any time can be a challenge, however, they have a clever system to alleviate any frustrating waiting times. “Obviously one of the big problems with a small indie game focused on multiplayer, will be getting enough people playing the game so that there's always others online at the same time as you. Realistically, we know there will be times when players will end up playing alone, and that's why we tried to design it so that playing solo online is seamless while you wait for someone to join”.

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