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News Arcade kart racer The Karters releasing on Steam on May 29


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Kart racing games have been somewhat of a rarity in recent years so it's always a  novelty when one does approach the finishing line. One such kart racer, aptly named The Karters is scheduled to launch on Steam on May 29.

Developed by indie studio 10Ants Hill, The Karters is inspired by Crash Team Racing's "gameplay, dynamics, and overall design" (I guess they really liked CTR!).

Take a look at The Karters in action in the recently released trailer below.

The Karters features six unique characters (including a meerkat and a gorilla!), as many tracks, and players will have no less than nine weapons to get to grips with, (such as a handy rocket launcher and barrel bomb) all of which are upgradable.

The Karters features a single-player campaign complete with five event types (race, tournament, time attack, elimination, and speed) with the ultimate goal of taking down "the boss". The racer has split-screen support for up to 4 players and online multiplayer support with global leaderboards.

We'll no doubt have more on The Karters soon.

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