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Game: American Truck Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: SCS Software

Release Date: 02/02/2016

SCS Software have released their very latest long-hauling trucking title American Truck Simulator for the PC.

In American Truck Simulator you wear the shoes of a trucker for hire who must work their way up from the bottom to build the largest transportation company in the US freight market. SCS recently unveiled their launch trailer for the trucking simulator which can be seen below.

The launch process actually went smoother than SCS were hoping for and the title was actually released one day early of its February 3 release date. The launch version of American Truck Simulator comes with two states: California and Nevada with SCS busy working on Arizona which will be made available for free once complete.

American Truck Simulator was first revealed to the masses back at E3, 2015 during the Twitch stream of the PC Gaming Show. The stream hit around 180,000 people when the American Truck Simulator teaser was shown according to developer SCS Software. We’ll bring you all the latest on American Truck Simulator as soon as we know more.

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