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News American Truck Simulator: free DLC and demo available


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Game: American Truck Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: SCS Software

Release Date: 02/02/2016

SCS Software have made available their very first piece of free DLC for American truck Simulator and there’s also a demo now available for the long-distance trucking sim.

The free DLC in question is the addition of the legendary Kenworth W900 truck. Development for the W900 actually started some two years ago and has been in a “almost-finished” state for a while awaiting approval from the manufacturer Kenworth according to the development team. However after some tweaking here and there SCS managed to get the licensing deal successfully signed, you can check out the beastly Kenworth W900 truck in the trailer below.

If you are not quite sure whether to purchase American truck Simulator you now have the option to try the free demo which recently appeared on Steam. The demo grants you access to the State of California and a limited amount of jobs naturally. SCS Software however have confirmed that your save game will carry over to the full title should you wish to take the plunge. You can find the free demo at this link.

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