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News Always-online PC sim Ferrari Virtual Academy is shut down


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The always-online PC racing sim Ferrari Virtual Academy is no longer available, due to the severs for the game being shut down.

It's currently unknown whether Ferrari or developer Kunos Simulazioni is responsible for the move, though turning the servers off means players will no longer be able to access the content in Ferrari Virtual Academy.

Originally launched in 2010 in conjunction with that year's Formula One Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari Virtual Academy was started originally as an in-game hot lapping tournament, with the prize for the five fastest drivers being an exclusive Ferrari Driver Academy course at the firm's Fiorano test track.

Another noteworthy aspect of Ferrari Virtual Academy in that it was the only racing game at the time to feature Ferrari's F10 Formula One car, until Codemasters's F1 2010 was released shortly afterwards. It was also claimed that then-Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were heavily involved in the project as handling consultants.

Image Source: Ferrari S.p.A

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