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News Alpha trailer released for 90’s inspired Wincars Racer


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Indie developer DragonJam Studios have recently released an alpha trailer of their upcoming PC racing game Wincars Racer.

Wincars Racer is an online multiplayer arcade style racing game which is inspired by 90's racers such as Mario Kart, Sega Rally and Crazy Taxi. Although the game looks simple on the surface, Wincars Racer features the added twist of strategy and tactics to make things interesting.

Online tournaments can accommodate up to 4000 players and winners can expect to receive physical prizes too. Wincars Racer features 11 different cars (with more on the way) with over 100 skin designs, cars are separated into four categories: Formula Auto, Off Road, Grand Turismo and Sport Class. Check out the new alpha trailer below.

The first Wincars Racer alpha test took place last month (lasting just 2 hours so you had to be extremely quick) and received positive feedback from fans who found the title to be fun. Although their was a few of the expected bugs and glitches, the Alpha test ran smoothly and the dedicated servers performed well.

Wincars Racer raced past some stiff competition recently to be awarded as the “best debut game at Madrid Games Week” (I think the cool t-shirts probably helped!). No release date has been set for Wincars Racers although you can sign up for the beta release on the official website. The title was actually originally expected to release this summer for the PC, so I'd imagine we'll hear more news on this racer very soon.

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