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News After 6 years, v1.0 of futuristic racer Distance arrives on Steam


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Game: Distance

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Refract Studios

Release Date: 18/09/2018

After some six and a half years, over 4000 Kickstarter backers, and around 10,000 cups (give or take a few) of coffee later, the futuristic racer Distance has finally reached v1.0 status on Steam.

To celebrate the launch, Refract Studios are offering a 20% discount, you can get your fix of platforming racing for £15.59. Check out the long-awaited launch trailer below.

Distance distances (sorry) itself from other racers with gameplay that is as much about survival as it is winning. You drive through a neon-themed world dodging and maneuvering through various hazards by flying, spinning, jumping, and even racing upside-down.

Version 1.0 of Distance includes a short single-player campaign, an arcade mode which allows you to compete against others via leaderboards, online multiplayer for up to 12 players, and split-screen support for up to 4.

The title also features a random track generator, level editor, and full VR support for the Oculus Rift CV1, and HTC Vive, pretty impressive for a small team.

Jordan Hemenway Creative Director at Refract Studios said:

Plenty of mixed emotions at Refract today as we say goodbye to Distance Beta and hello to v1.0. Something definitely feels strange about not seeing that beta watermark in the upper right corner.

Distance was our first project outside the safety net of academia and I think it’s safe to say that for most of us at Refract it was an incredible (and intense) learning experience. While we did our best to stay true to what we outlined in our Kickstarter, this project has continually evolved due to our skills improving, our tastes expanding, and our players’ continually fantastic feedback.

We have the most patient and supportive backers, and the coolest player community on Earth. Thank you for believing in us to create something new and interesting in the racing genre! Your continued energy, excitement, support, and thoughtful feedback have kept this project going strong.

Distance is also planned to flip onto the PlayStation 4 with PSVR support at some point, we’ll keep you posted on any developments on that.

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