Action racer Motor Strike: Immortal Legends launches on PS4 - Team VVV

News Action racer Motor Strike: Immortal Legends launches on PS4


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Spanish developer FiveXGames has released their team-based action racer Motor Strike: Immortal Legends on the PlayStation 4 console.

The title, available in digital form only, blends team racing with shooting action. The action takes place across three main modes: Rush, Clash and Bash. There are over 20 tracks which feature destructible objects and range from the deserts and icy environments right up to the vacuum of outer space.

Vehicles are not in short supply either as you have access to over 12 each with their own unique style and abilities. Local split-screen has been included for up to four players and up to 6 can battle it out online. Weapons come in a variety of options including the missile launcher and plasma cannon.

Motor Strike: Immortal Legends can be purchased on the PlayStation Store for £15.99, you can check out some gameplay action in the video below.

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