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News 80’s themed racer Power Drive 2000 comes to Kickstarter


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Power Drive 2000 is an upcoming arcade racer for PC, Mac and Linux platforms which has just arrived on the ever popular crowd funding site Kickstarter and on Steam's greenlight programme.

The racer is set in a 1980's cinematic sci-fi world to a backdrop of a synthwave soundtrack. Power Drive 2000 has two main focuses: drifting and boosting. You need to drift around tight bends in order to charge your turbo meter for an extra speed boost with the press of a button. You can see the teaser trailer below.

Power Drive 2000 will offer six game modes in all, most of which are said to support online and local split screen multiplayer. The choices on offer include 'Outrun Mode' which tasks you to outrun a police helicopter, 'Vaporizer Mode' where the walls of the track are adorned with a deadly laser fence, and 'Gauntlet Mode' whereby you dodge obstacles within a procedurally generated environment all while you escape a giant laser wall that is hell bent on your destruction.

Did I mention that your car speaks? Your 'Avenger 2000' has an on-board artificial intelligence called C.A.T. (Computerized Autonomous Technology). C.A.T. will keep an eye out on your car's mechanics and electronic systems and will even offer you suggestions and encouragement with your driving.

You can check out Power Driver 2000 on Steam's greenlight programme and Kickstarter

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