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News 3 new Rocket League maps coming in February update


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Rocket League is set to get three new prototype maps this month with “wildly different layouts” (credit to GameSpot).

A new unranked playlist called Rocket Labs will grant players access to these 3 new maps. The first map “Utopia Retro” is a circular map from Rocket League's predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars (or SARPBC), “Underpass” features elevation variations with a focus on aerial gameplay and “Double Goal” grants each team two goals instead of the usual one.

These three maps are work in progress according to developer Psyonix who are looking for player feedback whether to finish the maps completely or not. Psyonix also mention that new maps will become available as they're created but with no set schedule.

The February update which will contain the three new maps will also see the already released Wasteland map now being included in the ranked playlists. The update will also have a report feature to sort out those offensive players for Psyonix to review. No date has yet been set for the February update.

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