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News 16 local player racer Obliteracers releases on Steam


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Game: Obliteracers

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Deck 13

Release Date: 23/02/2016

The award-winning PC party racer Obliteracers has been released on Steam for £9.89.

Obliteracers (which was formally known as Space Dust Racers) is the debut project from Australian developer Space Dust Studios. Perhaps the most impressive feature from the intergalactic racer is the option for up 16 players to play simultaneously on the same screen screen in local play

Obliteracers is an easy to pick up and play title where you must avoid falling back too far or falling off the side of the track to escape elimination. The action takes place on a number of exotic planets from beyond our solar system and The game provides you with several weapon powerups to aid you in your quest.

Aside from the usual single player, local and online multiplayer modes, Obliteracers also includes “highly customisable” party game modes featuring modifiers to tailor your favourite game modes. The PC version even grants players the ability to use laptops and smart devices as extra controllers.

Space Dust Studios are also developing Obliteracers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with a current release window of quarter 3, 2016.

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