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Interviews The Crew interview: creating limitless custom races in a seamless open world


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

During our visit to Gamescom, Alan managed to speak with The Crew's Creative Director Julian Gerighty to find out more about Ubisoft's ambitious open world next gen racer. 

One of The Crew's defining features is its enormous map that covers the whole of the United States. When asked exactly how large the game map will be (no, it won't be built to scale believe it or not), Julian revealed that The Crew's re imagining of the USA will span 5000 sq km. And in case you're wondering how long it takes to drive coast to coast, you're looking at an hour and a half by road – add an additional hour to that if you're planning to take the scenic routes. 

But perhaps the most interesting revelation was how The Crew will allow you to create limitless custom races in its seamless open world, where other passing cars can be either A.I. or human players – much like in Test Drive: Unlimited, but on a much vaster scale.

Checkpoints can be placed anywhere you like on the mammoth map: "You don't need asphalt, you don't need a dirt track," Julian explained. "You just need a field, a beach or a snow cap mountain, set some checkpoints and start off a race." Likewise, will be able to place the checkpoints as far apart from each other as you like, too, presenting new challenges as players carve their own racing route in a bid to find the fastest route. Better still, there are no restrictions on the duration of custom races, either – whether it's a 2 minute sprint or a grueling 40 minute endurance race.


As ever, we'll be posting more details on The Crew as the game develops in the run-up to its release early next year on the next generation consoles. We also have a truckload of gameplay coverage from our visit to Gamescom which you can view here

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