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Interviews Interview: why MXGP will be the most authentic Motocross game yet


Martin Bigg


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Milestone always pride themselves on achieving authenticity when it comes to their licensed motorsport games, and MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame is no exception. 

A number of factors contributed to this. Being the official game of the MXGP Motocross, all the licensed riders and tracks are featured, but a lot more substance lies beneath all that mud. 

For example, Milestone enlisted real MXGP riders who provided feedback on the game's handling characteristics to ensure that the sensation of riding the bikes on the uneven terrain is as accurate as possible. Speaking of terrain, MXGP will feature impressive dynamic track soil deformation. Then there's the first person camera, which creates an intense, immersive and visceral riding experience, while the twin stick controls allow you to simultaneously control the bike and rider's weight with precision. 

All this and more is explained in our developer interview with MXGP's Game Director Alessandro Castrucci embedded below. 


So there you have it: just as Milestone did with MotoGP '13 last year, MXGP is shaping up to be the most authentic Motocross game yet. Expect some of Alan's informative hands-on impressions next week. 

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