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Interviews Geek Week: first look at Oculus Rift


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When it comes to the future of gaming, the next generation consoles are a natural talking point as we make way for Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. And yet for all the graphical leaps some have argued that there's been a distinct lack of innovation showcased so far. 

This is where Oculus Rift comes in, a virtual reality 3D headset that has the potential to shape the future of gaming by upping the level of immersion to a whole new level. 

We managed to get our first look at Oculus Rift at the EToo event (London's homegrown equivalent to E3) in a hands-on session with Strike Suit Zero, an indie space combat game released earlier in the year for PC. Here the developer's Community Manager talks us through the process of adapting their title for Oculus Rift before Alan had a hands-on with the device whilst trying not to get motion sickness in the dizzying, immersive 3D environment:


It's clear, then, that Oculus Rift has the potential to transform the way we play games, and it will be interesting to see how it adapts to our favourite genre as the technology has been steadily creeping into racing games lately: first with F1 2012 and more recently Assetto Corsa. No doubt we can expect free-roaming cockpit views and heightened sense of speed for a kick-off, but for now this represents a tantalising glimpse to the future as a final release is sadly still a few years away. 

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