Trials HD - Team VVV

Trials HD


PC, XB360



Steering wheel compatible




UK Release Date


Our Review

9 /10


It doesn’t all stop with the standard mode, become bored or frustrated and there are loads more options to keep you busy., from the Tournament challenges there are a wide range of skill based games. Riding inside massive steels balls to firing your rider off on ski’s, carting bombs to riding up never ending super steel slopes. Again all ridiculously hard but the throw away nature works well and the recent downloadable content complements this in every way with loads of new ludicrous challenges. Become bored of this and there’s always the option to create your own tracks with the custom editor, a great mode though some of the rotation controls could have been made simpler. But put in the time and there’s no end to the challenges and when you’re done, simply upload it for others to play. From the impossible to the most well designed maps you’ll find, this is an inspired aspect that will continue to support the longevity of this huge package.

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