SuperCar Challenge - Team VVV

SuperCar Challenge






System 3

Steering wheel compatible




UK Release Date


Our Review

8 /10


Supercar Challenge has exceeded my expectations, though graphically limited it’s solid and despite the limited funding of a smaller developer this title is impressive in scale, with a long-term and unwavering challenge. However, to gain maximum enjoyment the use of a decent wheel is key, this bringing the experience to a new level, while the inclusion of the excellent handling Ferrari 599XX is a great bonus. But it’s the driving experience that really does it for me, when you find that car that handles perfectly, the one that lets you push, the driving becomes a joy, laps begin to flow into each other as the times drop and you find new limits. This is the strength of Supercar Challenge, the joy of the drive and if you can find that experience there’s a mighty package here for anyone. Supercar Challenge punches well above its weight while providing a visceral and gritty racing experience that surpasses the clinical safety of GT5 Prologue, giving a great feel in the process. It’s tough and unrelenting but rewarding with practice.

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