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8 /10


Gran Turismo 4 has been designed by a team with a deep love and fascination for cars and for getting the best out of them. In many respects they have reached that and with seven hundred cars to collect, it’s a mighty challenge. While moving forward though, the series has lost sight of some of its original goals and is now a far more narrow-minded experience. It is a more polished product and improves on many holes lacking in previous iterations but, in doing so, creates all new ones. The poorly executed B-Spec mode, terrible music, lack of online play and limited cars in a race mean that development has leant more towards a technical presentation than a gameplay oriented one. The game lacks soul and atmosphere, and this is something Sony need to work on, urgently. Its possible Gran Turismo 5 won’t rectify these issues if rushed out and will only remain standing tall as the genre leader if it fails to receive a competent competitor.

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