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    Alan BoistonAlan Boiston
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    I recently popped along to the Play Expo London #playexpolondon to check out some of the arcade machines and retro consoles on display. The venue really captured that arcade feel, and worked well as an introduction to younger games of what it felt like to visit the arcades. That’s something I’ll come back to in an upcoming report. But it got me thinking, what cabinets did I like most and why? But first I wanted to get some of your feedback, tell me about some of your favourite arcade cabinets and experiences?

    Kevin DooleyKevin Dooley
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    Loved the four-player Simpsons and Turtles arcade cabs, anything that features a full bike is always cool. I remember after burner being very nice, Jurassic Park shooting game had a nice two-person seated cab I seem to remember. Prop Cycle was interesting with its cycle pedals, there was a helicopter game too which springs to mind but I can’t remember its name. I also remember a football game that you would control using a traditional stick and buttons but then you had a ball to kick when you got into a scoring position – the name escapes me though!

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    It’s funny you’ve got a photo of Outrun in your post, cos that arcade cabinet was one I spent a LONG time on. The other racing game I loved at the arcade was the Daytona USA cabinet which had cameras mounted on it, so you could see the angry faces of your opponents.

    Aside from those, I love pretty much anything Namco put in the arcades – from the Ridge Racer series, to Tekken, Point Blank, Time Crisis – all the way up to the new Mario Kart (which isn’t retro, I know).

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