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Should Ferrari replace Vettel?

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  • Yes - Replace with Daniel Riccarido50.00%1 vote
    Alan Boiston
  • Yes - Replace with Fernando Alonso0%0 votes
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    Alan BoistonAlan Boiston
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    Contrary to what many may tell you, the Brazilian GP has been a mixed bag over the years. Some races being complete snooze-fests while other with a touch of rain would add so much drama. Brazil 2019 was thankfully leaning towards the latter but rather than rain, the safety car would add more to the mix. But only following the break-down of Bottas and the crash between the two Ferrari’s.

    If there is one rule for F1, it is, don’t hit your team mate. On Sunday the crash was 100% Vettel’s fault, I mentioned on Twitter that perhaps it was 95% Vettel, perhaps LeClerc could have moved over but additional video and photo analysis revealed that Vettel literally lost his mind in attempting to bully Leclerc across the track. This wasn’t just about taking the corner, it was about asserting dominance over his team mate, who stood firm, gave some room but pushed to the limit and it was a fair limit as demonstrated in the picture below. Vettel doesn’t seem to understand that limit and yet again he collides with his team mate in a fashion similar to Turkey 2010.

    Vettel then does the racing driver thing of blaming everyone and everything but himself. Thus failing to learn from the experience, and probably complaining about Leclerc’s lack of experience. But yet again it is Vettel’s misjudgement that caused the crash, Vettel’s numerous mistakes have made Ferrari a laughing stock in recent times and arguably cost the team several chances of a World Championship.

    Can Vettel keep his drive? Would you keep him?

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