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    Alan Boiston
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    Another big announcement last week was for Streets of Rage 4. This might not mean so much to younger gamers but to the older ones among you this will have been huge news. If you haven’t seen it, this is the new trailer.


    But from the moment I saw the clip of gameplay I felt a disappointment, it lacks the style and feel of the SOR series and gives the impression that was developed by younger developers who aren’t in tune with what made the original so great. I’m going to come back on this in a far more detailed article in the coming weeks, but what were your thoughts on this brief clip? Did you play the original games at the time of release?

    Kevin Dooley
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    I was a massive fan of Streets of Rage 2 all those years ago! Although its art style here is completely different, it’s starting to grow on me.

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    The in-game art looks a little nicer than the trailer art, but it definitely doesn’t quite have the feel of the originals. I believe this new developer is Western, which might have something to do with it.

    Also, if the music isn’t by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima, it simply isn’t a Streets of Rage game. The music is everything in those games.

    It seems odd that SEGA were so precious about this IP in the past, that they turned Core Design away (that game became Fighting Force), but fast-forward to now and they kinda just threw it at a random, small developer.

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    To be honest we have to give the small developer a chance. They could surprise us overall but I am looking forwards to street of rage 4. The second one was my favourite by far. My only concern is the art work.. for some reason I was expecting to see something else, I just feel that this style gets brushed aside a little. I was expecting more of a 2d 3d combo like the newer street fighter games.

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