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    Alan Boiston
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    This race had all of the elements in place to be an absolute stormer. The top 6 evenly matched along with a range of motivations in the drivers. There was the threat of a massive pile up into turn 1, the expectation of the charging Redbull’s, Ferrari showing their strength. Yet from the first stint, none of this happened. Everyone appearing to sit in place and just cruise around. It didn’t appear to me that Vettel’s Ferrari was out of tyres, Max was comfortable and ideally you’d just wait for the car in front to pit. Everyone was cruising and all Ferrari had to do was wait. Instead Ferrari pits Vettel and comes out behind a Force India, but then it’s all over.

    Strangely cars were cruising to protect their tyres all around the circuit, it just felt like a race controlled by the pits and a non starter.

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    I knew the entertainment would have to come from further back. And sure enough, there’s plenty to talk about there.

    As for the leaders, its the same old story.
    If you get closer to the guy in front, you lose downforce, ruin your tyres, and your car overheats. So everyone sits around and waits for… I don’t know what.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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