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    This week saw the much hyped re-release of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer. The first trailer being a complete and utter failure on every level. As soon as the Gangsters Paradise track kicked-in you knew you were in for a rough ride. Then there was that Sonic. The fur, the teeth, that face. The stuff of nightmares was truly upon us. Bad SFX combined with wooden acting, and just about everything surrounding the ‘cool of Sonic’ being lost. The feedback from fans produced an overwhelming wave of disappointment with the movie studio forced to bow down to pressure, redesign the Sonic avatar and start again. Let’s just remind ourselves how bad that trailer was.

    Yes, awful.

    Let’s watch the new one.

    Better! Sonic looks closer to the part, not perfect, not exact, but better.

    But…that voice is still the same as the first trailer, that voice and that attitude just isn’t Sonic. I like Sonic, Sonic is cool, however this guy just isn’t very likeable. The film may help to put this in context and people will enjoy it for what it is, but already I can see it’s not going to be what it could and should have been. Though Jim Carrey does seem to be having fun and well suited to the role, he’s got the right brand of crazy.

    Onto a fan trailer.

    Amazing, now the cartoon animation style opens up a wealth of options and retains all of the Sonic charm, while also enabling a perfect rendition of the character.

    What does this tell us? It tells us that this film was put together by marketing professionals with no understanding of the source material. The hype caused by the bad trailer had no doubt generated it a lot of attention and with an army of fans the film can’t fail. The fans won’t let it fail, but it’s certainly not the film it could have been and will likely go down along with the majority of to the video games movies as, a bit average.

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