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    Greetings, All

    I have never been very active on a forum, forum before. Having said that, wanna hear something funny? 
    ‘Course ya do: I moderate the Mixedology[/url] subreddit.
    Okay, your first question is probably, “Oh, do you mix drinks”, to which I would answer, “Nope.”

    But I digress.

    Hi, I’m iMorpheus, aka iMorphTV.

    I was introduced to motorsport racing in the mid ’70s by my male parental unit: We spectated NASCAR Winston Western 500 events at Riverside International Raceway, CA. We attended the inaugural Grand Prix of Long Beach[/url]. I was aged eight at the time. For the inaugural event, they ran Formula 5000 cars. I WAS HOOKED!

    We FaceTime after each F1 event…usually.

    Fast forward to 2019 and I now stream Gran Turismo Sport nightly and commentate over one-off races at iMorphTV for a group of fast bois.

    NOTE: I am sloooooow.
    SECOND NOTE: I know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of cars/engines: they sound good, look nice and go fast. <— Sorry.

    I also encourage my Gran Turismo Sport/Twitch community members to create and share liveries.


    by eternicus101 
    by spazerlazer
    by snorlaxative321 
    by tarheel50bro

    That last one is a total abomination…I LOVE IT!

    You can interact with/stalk me at:
    Twitter: @iMorpheus
    Gran Turismo Sport: iMorph

    PS: I am currently also hooked on MotoGP.

    Don’t drink and drive/Don’t drink-drive,


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