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    Tim GoodchildTim Goodchild
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    All my friends know me as being passionate about Formula 1, from the early 90’s through to current day. With that comes a love of computer games, from early days of a Commodore C16 Plus 4, Atari STe and PC gaming. I didn’t get a console until the PlayStation 1 and have been a PlayStation fan since – although the Xbox One X is a mighty nice piece of hardware.

    You’ll see me on here reviewing anything related to F1 with the odd diversion every now and again.

    Having seen Team VVV grow in recent years this website truly is such a breath of fresh air compared the mundane repetition of same old websites we see out there! Great to be part of Team VVV and looking forward to contributing further to this forum.


    PSN ID: F0rmula0ne
    Xbox Gamertag: F0rmula0neTG

    Alan BoistonAlan Boiston
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    Welcome to the forum Tim, looking forward to your input across F1 and gaming.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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