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    Hello one and all!
    Hope you’re all well.

    I’ve been gaming and watching motorsports since the early 90s.

    Quick gaming bio:
    Started off on an off-brand Atari game-collection box.
    N64 onwards, went from arcade racers to more “grounded”-style games in the 2000s.
    About 10 years ago, transitioned to PC, where I was introduced to sim-oriented racing games.
    But in the last few years, I’ve moved back down the meter to “approachable”-sims and arcade-style games.

    My current racing game style is to have a more sim-like game (for when I want to put on a wheel and get stuck in), and a “pick-up-n-play” game (for sitting back with a controller).
    Right now, my sim-like game has been F1 2016 (I’ve only just finished my second season. Won the championship, don’t think I have the motivation to continue. Full-weekend, 100% race lengths, took me a while okay :P)
    While my current “pick-up-n-play” is now Wreckfest.

    As for motorsports. F1 is my main focus to get in-depth. In addition to WEC, MotoGP, WRC, FormulaE, alongside some Indycar and GT.

    Been watching your channel for a few years; and enjoy seeing the variety of games, opinions, and how the industry is evolving.
    Congratulations on the new look. And thank you all for all the ongoing coverage!

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    Hi Ninja, glad to have you on the forum. I too like a good mix of racing games from indie to arcade to sim, keeps things interesting! Hoping to spend some decent time with Wreckfest when it releases on consoles, must say I was surprised by how sim-like it felt. As much as I’ve enjoyed the Formula 1 games over the years, I still haven’t been brave enough to do a 100% race, would be too nerve-racking for me!

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    The flashback safety-net helps with that. 😛
    I’m not one for buying the same game annually. So 100% race distance helps to extend the lifespan of the game.
    But its only because the game can throw up mixed conditions and safety cars (plus the ability to gamble on race strategy), that changes the dynamics of a race on the fly, and keeps me invested with the longer races.

    I’ve been really enjoying Wreckfest.
    And I agree. The controls are intuitive, and that feeling of weight and momentum is great, as you go through dips, over bumps, while up against lighter and heavier vehicles.
    I found the singleplayer to get tired after a while. It’s a good way to get to grips with the game, and some of the special scenarios are cool. But racing against the AI race after race became dull.

    However the multiplayer is a lot of fun.
    It’s really funny how the multiplayer contrasts to other racing games. I’m used to seeing on-track incidents turn to bickering in the chat, with people holding grudges and spite from then on. But in Wreckfest, everyone is free to sort out their differences on the track. So I’ve seen bumps, turn into words, turn into fights, but ending in mutual understanding/respect because they’re able to get it out of their system. Not all the time (some people just want to burn it all), but it happens.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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