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2019’s driver line-ups. [with arbitrary ratings, off the top of my head, for 2018]

Lewis Hamilton [(9/10)] Hand’s down deserves the championship this year. But a rather lackluster start to the season makes hard to give full marks.]
Valtteri Bottas [(7/10) Let down by team when he should have had much stronger results to his name.]

Sebastian Vettel [(8/10) Dropped the ball in what should have been a more controlled championship lead.]
Charles Leclerc [(9/10) Stellar first year. Can’t wait to see what he can bring to a top team.]

Red Bull Racing
Max Verstappen [(8/10) Despite some of his antics, he’s showing why everyone needs to watch their backs (especially with his late-season results).]
Pierre Gasly [(7?/10) Hard to really gauge given the Honda factor, but was more than enough against his teammate and capped it with some solid results.]

Nico Hulkenberg [(6/10) Not really much to say with Renault happy to occupy the 4th spot, but comfortably beat Sainz.]
Daniel Ricciardo [(8/10) Let down by reliability. Strong performances, but maybe starting to fall behind Max…]

Romain Grosjean [(3/10) Terrible start to the season. But was still able to show brief glimpses of the Grosjean we want to see.]
Kevin Magnussen [(5/10) While not gaining any favours from other drivers, Magnussen was much more consistent than his teammate, although that doesn’t say much.]

Carlos Sainz [(5/10) Beaten by his teammate, but still helped the team to secure 4th place.]
Lando Norris [(n/a) Hopefully McLaren can do a better job than they did with Stoffel.]

“Racing Point”
Sergio Perez [(6/10) Another solid enough season from Perez
Lance Stroll [(3?/10) Williams had nothing to show this year, making it hard to see their drivers’ capabilities]

Kimi Raikkonen [(7/10) A pretty much “as expected” season from Kimi at Ferrari. A win helping to car his Ferrari career.]
Antonio Giovinazzi [(n/a) Possibly a dark-horse of the newcomers.]

Toro Rosso
Daniil Kvyat [(n/a) Back again. Maybe he’ll help bring some form of consistency.]
Alexander Albon [(n/a) Last minute switch from Formula E. Let’s hope its worth it, and not another product of Red Bull’s revolving door…]

Robert Kubica [(n/a) His injury aside; there’s still a lot against him from being out for so long. But I’m trying to be optimistic.]
George Russell [(n/a) Here’s hoping Williams have a car to help Russell continue his momentum.]

Fernando Alonso [(8/10) Not how we would have wanted Alonso to bow out of F1. But that hunger was still there to see.]
Stoffel Vandoorne [(4/10) Had troubles all season, and really struggled in qualifying. Hopefully he can rebuild himself in Formula E.]
Esteban Ocon [(7/10) Solid year, despite the speculations surrounding him. A shame to not have him on the grid next year.]
Marcus Ericsson [(3/10) Started well; but was too little, too late. And spent most of the season out-classed by his rookie teammate.]
Brendon Hartley [(2/10) Struggled to make any real impact in F1.]
Sergey Sirotkin [(3?/10) Hard for Sirotkin to make a case for himself in the car Williams built. Especially with the start of the season being particularly torturous.]