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Hate the term “influencers”. It comes off as so transparently corporate. As if they aren’t considered people with fans, just entities with followers to be tapped into. But I digress.

A shame that its to be done in a London studio. There’s always a disconnected feeling when something is presented away from the event itself.

The term Influencers is now a negative one, we certainly don’t consider ourselves an influencer, instead if somebody uses that term I say we are media. But unlike media some influencers have no neutral judgement or detachment. Many are probably paid off and what’s worse is their followers often know this but don’t unfollow them. So, that means pro-Formula E YouTuber’s with no helpful debate or neutrality, also most of then don’t appeal to an older audience, so that will just lead to youth audience only.

Studio’s always work better at the event, but don’t right, you can fool the audience somewhat. Like some news stations that are in front of a green screen.