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I have pre-ordered this game. I thought I should give some more detail. Obviously, the game is still in development but I guess you have to put your opinion forward.

I hope this comes out in VR. Having a game like this not in VR is like going to Disneyland but not having any rides. Anyway, it seems like the developers are not planning on it anytime soon and from my research, it’s not as simple to add as some people make it out to be. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I guess the numbers have to stack up to make this financially viable. I would rather this game exist without VR support than not at all. Because of this, I am going to change my rig which at the moment is 100% VR to include a large monitor so I can play this game.

Most of the planting is accurate, but there are a few random palms that look like a species that can not be grown in NZ. The native species that you would find everywhere in NZ along our roads are the Rhopalostylis Sapida (Nikau). There is a palm that I noticed with a very broad leaf that is not able to grow in NZ. The other one is the pine trees. They are a little off.

Road Surface
The road surface looks like clay which is not how the roads are built in NZ. The roads here are grey as they are built with greywacke or basalt rock (depending on the region and access to the local source material in quarries). The road surface in the gameplay demo really ruins the immersion for a kiwi who is so used to driving our roads.

The fencing we have here is post and wire. The fencing in the game demo is way different to what we have. The white markers are spot on though. Just need more as they are usually spaced every few meters.

Man, I am excited about this game.