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I hope that this new Dirt rally 2.0 is a step towards the hardcore simulation, an upgrade of the first Dirt rally, without falling into the ridicule of presenting two special stages long at each rally, then shorten, change the name, crossing the two directions. I hope there are no more problems of rebound than the first Dirt rally (example: the gravel brought back in galles, touch with the back or front = fly on mars).
I hope that there is more asphalt in the dlc. I hope that the special stages are real, include all the conditions of a real special stage, or change the width of the roadway, real climbs, descents, changes in slope, very tight bends, inversions … the style of the col turini and acropolis in the first dirt rally.
I hope for more severe and real damages. ending up in a ditch must lead to a withdrawal in the event of a violent collision. a garage in the street must pay 40 seconds of penalty, in a video I saw 4 seconds … too little.
I am curious about the deformation of the surfaces, the choice of tires … I would like the dynamic weather. nice start reporting on dirt rally the control of the end of the special stage as it was present on dirt4.